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Privacy Policy

Had you use a website (I say this site as follows) that a company administers, CFC-ENGINEERING INC. (I say us as follows) establishes the privacy policy of the visitor, the following ways of thinking. Please use it in understanding each following matters.

1.The collection of personal information 
Collect information or the contents of the question which can identify individuals such as a company name, an address, a personal full name than a form of the [an inquiry] in this site.

2.The use of personal information
The personal information that your collected in this site for an offer of our service and an answer for the question contents.

3.The offer of the personal information
The personal information that I acquired in this site does not do disclosure to the third person or an offer unless I fix it for laws and ordinances without obtaining its consent from the which had you offer it.

4.The management of the personal information
We take reasonable information security measures for injustice access, the computer virus accumulation keeps the information that had an offer and gleanings under the fair management safely, and to prevent injustice access to the personal information, the loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation and a leak.

5.The change of the privacy policy
When this site changes privacy policy contents, I carry it about the contents for change in this site. By it, the visitor has you confirm the latest information using what kind of information this site always collects.

April 01, 2009
Mr.Yasuto IMAI